Saturday, September 8, 2007

How to Repair Magnetic Jewelry Clasp (Magnetic Jewelry Clasp)

Magnetic Jewelry Clasp - How To Repair?

Languishing your favorite jewelry that has a broken magnetic clasp in your jewelry box will not make it better. Most types of magnetic clasps can be easily replace with a new one.

Here is the instruction how to repair your magnetic jewelry clasp

Step 1: Determine if it's the actual magnetic clasp is broken.
Usually, a magnetic clasp will fall off because the jump ring (a simple metal ring with a small cut on one side) has broken or stretched open. Replace a broken jump ring or crimp a loose ring closed.

Step 2: Identify the broken clasp type.
There are several types. The most common are spring-rings and lobster clasps. A simple round ring that opens by pulling back on a small, spring-loaded knob is a spring-ring. Lobster clasps are spring-loaded, but open by pushing down on the clasp. Their shape resembles a lobster claw. If the clasp is connected to the necklace by a jump ring, it is easy to replace. If the clasp is soldered on, you will need professional help.

Step 3: Purchase a replacement magnetic jewelry clasp
Clasps are available online and at your local craft supply store. Make sure the style and color will match your jewelry. If you choose, you can upgrade the style of clasp that will be easier to use.

Step 4: Disconnect the old magnetic jewelry clasp from the jewelry.
Use a pair of pliers to hold one side of the jump ring connecting the old clasp. Then use a pair of needle nose pliers to open the jump ring. Open the jump ring by twisting it, not spreading it. Spreading will weaken the ring.

Step 5: Attach the new clasp.
Hook the new clasp through the jump ring and twist the jump ring closed. Make sure the jump ring is closed tightly, or the clasp may slip off through the gap. Repeat for the other end of the jewelry.

Magnetic Jewelry Clasp

Friday, September 7, 2007

Video: Magnetic Jewelry Clasp

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Magnetic jewelry clasp

Magnetic jewelry clasp - never struggle with your jewelry again!

Would like to overcome trouble securing your necklace, bracelet or chain? Magnetic Jewelry Clasp will change the way standard necklace, bracelet or chain clasp to one with a magnetic clasp, making it simple and easy to close.

Magnetic jewelry clasp is great and the best of quality and it does not require a jeweler to install. With magnetic clasp, it can be easily connecting the magnetic converter clasp to any necklace or bracelet that has a traditional claw and loop.

This innovative new jewelry accessory that makes wearing any piece of jewelry a snap! The Magnetic Jewelry Clasp has been very helpful for those with:-

* Arthritis,
* Fibromyalgia,
* Carpal tunnel or any other hand condition.
* It is also great for those with trouble attaching small jewelry clasps.

Eventhough the magnetic adapter can be a bit challenging for those with weakened hand conditions, but once it's on, it makes putting on and removing the jewelry easy and simple.

One thing that sets Clever Clasp away from other magnetic jewelry clasp is the strength of the magnets and the durability of the clasp. It have been very durable.

Magnetic jewelry clasp is the best.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Clever Clasp - Never Fight With Another Tiny Stubborn Necklace or Bracelet Clasp Again! (Magnetic Jewelry Clasp)

Magnetic Jewelry Clasp

Most of you have seen the Clever Clasp advertised on TV. I paid this commercial no attention when I first saw it, but my Wife zeroed in the first time she saw it.

You see, she's all the time complaining that the clasp's on her necklaces and bracelets are too small or too hard to get hooked. She has some nice pieces of jewelry that she no longer wears because the clasp are too small or just too hard to get hooked.

She relies on me to hook the clasp a lot of the time now. I have huge hands and poor eyesight. Not a combination made for dealing with tiny stubborn jewelry clasp.

She dropped me several strong hints that she wanted a set of Clever Clasp for Mothers Day. I was skeptical, however she was persistent that she had to have those magnetic jewelry clasp for Mothers Day or else. We all know that if Momma's not happy, no ones happy. Needless to say, she got a set of Clever Clasp for Mothers Day.

She absolutely loves her set, in fact she actually ordered Clever Clasp for all her necklaces and bracelets.

I believe one thing that sets Clever Clasp away from other magnetic jewelry clasp is the strength of the magnets and the durability of the clasp. I figured they'd fail or break in short order, but the Clever Clasp my wife purchased have been very durable.

Another side benefit that my Wife loves about these clasp are that they allow her to wear some of her bracelets and necklaces that were just a tad short or had broken clasp.

I've also put these on our 4 year old's play necklaces and bracelets. She was all the time running into our home Office saying "Daddy, hook my necklace!" With these magnetic clasp, she can hook her own necklaces and bracelets and I get some piece and quiet!

Don is the Webmaster at The Biggest Loser forums. He's written an in depth review of the Clever Clasp after his Wife commented that she wanted a set for Mothers Day. He felt like others had the same problems that his wife had and so he posted his review on the blog. Click here to read the Clever Clasp review.

Magnetic Jewelry Clasp