Wednesday, September 19, 2007

magnetic jewelry clasp: Share your experience on this Clasp Clever

Have you ever try used the magnetic jewelry clasp?

I've a doubt on how firmly and strong do this clasp clever hold together?

What type of beads did you attach with them?

And finally, would you recommend magnetic jewelry clasp that claim to be clasp clever?

"Personally, I have used magnetic clasp's for making spiral bracelets using seed beads and size 8 seed beads. I have found them to hold the bracelets together nicely and have not (so far anyway, touch wood), come undone. I have put the bracelet on and really forgotten about it, not giving it any special treatment or being weary of the magentic clasp. They are easy to put on, no fiddling about trying to pinch open one end whilst trying to locate the other as before. Cannot speak for any other makes but I bought mine from Creative Crafts. You can find there web site at I can recommend the ones they sell as the magnetic piece is quite strongly magnetised."

"I bought a bracelet with a magnetic clasp from Kleeneezee and had to return it the following day as the clasp came undone at the first little knock. I think the weight of the item may have been the problem as it was a magnetic bracelet. I have avoided this type of clasp since."

"Haven't had a chance to make anything with them yet, but they do stick together quite strongly. Apparently some of these magnetic clasps are a lot stronger than others, and it seems to depend on who makes them. Some people said they found the magnetic clasps pulled seed bead bracelets out of alignment. I think this was referring to loomed or woven style bracelets."

"They always seem to be very popular and haven't had any complaints about them, although for bracelets it might be advisable to also use a safety chain (which makes a nice addition to most bracelets) so that you don't loose your bracelet on supermarket trolleys /car doors etc!"

"I personally wouldn't use magnetic clasps for bracelets, they can fly off too easily. I end up making most of my bracelets with Stretch Magic (Stretch Elastic). But I do use the magnetic clasps for necklaces."