Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Clasp Clever: Magnetic Jewelry Clasp Make Your Life Easier Then Ever!

Magnetic Jewelry Clasp

The magnetic jewelry clasp is practical to offer a convenience way to everyone man and women who love to wear jewelry beside it beautifulness anda elegance.

Magnetic Jewelry Clasp

Jewelry designers have to plan out every aspect of the process when start making a jewelry such as:

1. Colors of stones and beads,
2. Type of metal (such as gold or silver)
3. Materials that need to be used.

Many jewelers will not neglect the clasp used to close their piece when design their bracelets and necklaces - from a simple knot to close a string of beads to a magnetic jewelry clasp.

No matter what type of categories of jewelry you have either from those pieces that are made of precious metal, such as gold, silver and platinum, and those that are not. You need a way to close it. This is where jewelry clasps come in. The clasps on your jewelry can be made of the same material as the rest of the piece, or it can be made of a less expensive material.

This are most common type of jewelry clasp:

1. The spring ring clasp.
This is the round clasp that is often found on bracelets and necklaces of all types, from the most expensive diamond jewelry to the cheapest plastic beaded necklace. A tiny spring found inside the ring allows it to open and close with a flick of the mechanism.

2. The lobster claw clasp.
This clasp, which looks like a claw, uses a mechanism to open and close as well, but there is no spring involved. Both of these clasps are found in various metals.

If you have trouble working standard clasps, a good way to solve this problem is by getting a magnetic jewelry clasp. This is an adapter that fits onto any other jewelry clasp (spring ring or lobster claw) by way of a connector. They can come in silver or gold styles, so that the magnetic clasp matches the jewelry. Once affixed to the average clasp, these magnetic adapters make it much easier to close and open pieces of jewelry, because the only action needed is to gently pull apart or place together the two halves of the clasp.

Having trouble working jewelry clasps doesn't mean you can't wear your favorite necklace or bracelet. A magnetic jewelry clasp adapter can make your jewelry wearable again, no matter how it closed before.

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