Saturday, January 12, 2008

Magnetic Jewelry Clasp: Find The Truth About It

Magnetic Jewelry Clasp

The Magnetic Jewelry Clasp is outstanding for masses who have sleight issues or arthritis, and it constitutes the method of applying a necklace practically more leisurely.

Benefit of Magnetic Jewelry Clasp:
-NO MORE putting glasses on to see,
No longer having to demand for assistance upping on or lifting off your jewelry.
Plainly replace your old jewelry clasps with the Magnetic Jewelry Clasps and see how leisurely it actually its.
No more fighting with difficult to plug in clasps Locking feature stays secure Includes silver and gold clasps.

But there is the disfavor of Magnetic Jewelry clasp, it can catch hair in the turning mechanism.

The inventor is unaware of a magnetic jewelry clasp which also employs a safety catch. Thus, while employing a safety catch with conventional magnetic jewelry clasps would add the benefit of added security, it would also eliminate an advantage offered by such clasps by requiring a user to properly align the sides of the clasp for the clasp to be closed.

To improve upon the conventional jewelry clasp, the invention provides a magnetic jewelry clasp with a safety catch.

The making and breaking of a magnetic attraction force between the two portions of the clasp renders the magnetic jewelry clasp easy to use.

A magnetic jewelry clasp adapter can make your jewelry wearable again, no matter how it closed before.

If you have trouble working standard clasps, a good way to solve this problem is by getting a magnetic jewelry clasp.

In a broad sense, the invention comprises a magnetic jewelry clasp or an article of jewelry comprising such clasp, the main body of the article of jewelry comprising one or more cables, braids, bundled wires or fibers, such that the main body has an inherent curved configuration of a semi-rigid nature.

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magnetic jewelry clasp

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There is a fact that a claimed magnetic jewelry clasp produces an electric current. Through modern research, it has been proved that magnetic jewelry increases the oxygen flow to the blood and creates heat among body tissues. The jewelry clasp magnetic force is relevant to human body's natural magnetic force.