Friday, September 14, 2007

magnetic jewelry clasp - Say good bye to tiny jewelry clasps

With magnetic jewelry clasp, you do not need to use screws or hooks to wear your jewelry anymore. It's very convenient time saving attributes plus you will not need other to painstakingly help you hook up your necklace. No more having to fumble and grope in the dark as to where the hook and the hole is.

Magnetic jewelry clasp, you can fasten your jewelry very easily wihtout hassle.

Magnetic jewelry clasps hold tight yet separate with ease. Each clasp requires 2 round or square magnetic beads on each end. The magnets are the last to be strung and then the string is knotted.

The clasp can be separated at either end and will snap together again when held close to the beads, yet it will not come apart with an accidental tug.

Elderly people, those with arthritis, joint problems, or hand injures can still fasten their own bracelets, anklets, and necklaces with ease.

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Astro Lab said...

Magnetic jewelry clasp is not just for looking beautiful and glamorous, but it can wear for those who suffered from arthritis.