Sunday, September 9, 2007

Quick idea to re-magnetize your magnetic jewelry clasp that are getting week.

magnetic jewelry clasp

Your magnetic jewelry clasp can't be easily magnetized to be much stronger than it is already, unless you feel for sure that it was once stronger and has really been been demagnetized.

Better to replace the magnet (magnetic jewelry clasp) with a high energy type. If you pick an appropriate size you can probably mount it with epoxy.

Find someone who has a Sonicare electric toothbrush. They replace the brushes periodically. Each discarded brush has two little supermagnets 0.1" x 0.2" x 0.4". These are STRONG magnets. You could slice off a smaller piece to suit with a Dremel and abrasive wheel or diamond wheel. Go slow, don't let it get too hot. Might be best to do it wet. You might wrap the magnet in paper so most of the dust from the cut can be removed with the paper. Then epoxy or superglue the wee bit to your jewellry.

You might be able to just nick the magnet with the diamond wheel, then crack it with pliers. Less dust.

Some of those are so powerful. I'm not sure Id be comfortable having a woman I care about using a pair to hold her earrings on with. The blood blister would be hidious.

Hope this help you to get the idea how to re-magnetize your magnetic jewelry clasp.

magnetic jewelry clasp

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